Skipping meal for something important..After some time...*Stomach grumbling*!

July 12, 2010 12:49pm CST
There have a dozen times where i have skipped my meal because i am late or maybe i don't like the food so much. Later i hear my stomach grumbling and regret that i didn't eat anything when i had been given a chance. Due to that i can't concentrate in anything else like in class or college or whatever it is that i do. So i would consider that whole time as wasted. Have you ever skipped any meals? What do you feel? Do you regret it later?
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• United States
30 Jul 10
Yes I have skipped meals. I'm starving right now. I can't wait to get home and fix me something to eat.
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@BethannTT (222)
12 Jul 10
I rarely really regret not having food, but lately ive been eating and still my stomach has been rumbling, it was very embarrasing while i was sitting my exams! Now they are over it seems to have gone down alot, maybe it was the nerves but i dont know. It always seems to happen when everything and everyone is silent.
• India
12 Jul 10
yes that's why i try to distract myself but it never helps much..