Really could use some outside advice on how or what you would do?

United States
July 13, 2010 7:24am CST
We bought a house almost a year and a half ago, nice three bedroom,bought new furniture and had it fixed up real cute everything was great for the first 7 months while it was just me and my husband living here. 7 month in to us living here my brother in law last his job after 18 years, my husband tried finding him another before his lay off became final in his area,(he walks everywhere no car or licence) to no avail. So we asked him to move in with us, figuring it wouldn't be too big of a issue. We have to put up with his *drinking* nights where he can be odnoxious but for the most part it has been ok. Well about 5 months ago my daughter and her boyfriend got into a fight with his family who they had been living with and got kicked out. They had noowhere to go so guess what? They are living with us now too. My daughter is a caring person and has a heart of gold but she is very lazy and likes to be the center of attention and doesn just about anything to get it.She always has a *headache* or *doesn't feel goos* and tends to always have her voice elevated when she is trying to get someones attention. Here is my issue, I have a pretty good feeling one of the best ways she has found for her to get the attention she craves is to have babies. We have 4 grandsons by her and the oldest isn't even 5 yet. Anyone who has kids can only imagine how crazy hectic this is having so many young ones running around. Now dont get me wrong I love my *boys* but they are truelly a handful. Her boyfriend is a nice kid works real hard when he has a job, helps my husband out alot with the house maintence and yard, and also helps her alot with the boys. But there are stretches he goes for a month or so with out working at all. He is into construction and works with friends, uncles, sometimes his dad. Finacially we are not having to carry too much of the weight around here but it does get tight sometimes. Our house is getting trashed, we never have alone time. Even if we want to run to the store or something usually there is someone tagging along with us. Somedays I feel like I am totally losing my mind trying to keep up with everything. Most of my husbands family says we should kick them out and let them figure things out on their own. It hurts me when they say this as sometimes I don't feel they accept my children as part of their family.Now it it was just my daughter and her boyfriend I probably would have just so they could learn to grown up and get some responsibility on their own but I just can't do that since they have the 4 boys. I worry about how well they will be takin care of if I am not around to help. Now this could go on and on forever but I will spare you all of me going on and on, but I just had a idea to turn to you mylotters and see if I could get some opinions and or advice on what you all would do? Would you kick your son/daughter out if they was causing you alot of stress and drama in your lives? (we constantly get lied to) Part of me wants to aquire custody of the kids for awhile and get their momma a daddy to grow up by sending them out on their own to really see how hard life could be if you don't even try to make it. Would you or have you known anyone who has done that to a family member? How did things turn out? I love my family very much but I also have 2 other daughters who are barely speaking to me as they say I am *babying and favoring* the middle girl and her kids way too much and not giving them the suppost and love they need. *one is 25 one is 17 almost 18* I am just so torn these days and needs some outside help. Thanks for listening and reading I hope I didn't bore you. I welcome all comments as maybe someone out there can help me ease some of the pain I have inside of me.
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