United States
July 13, 2010 8:01am CST
who all believes they have psychic or 6th sense abilities and what are they?
3 responses
@kaka10 (180)
• South Africa
13 Jul 10
I have a sixth sense I can tell when someone is talking bs lol nah I don't know never thought of it haven't used my abilities in a while, what is yours
• United States
13 Jul 10
i actually have dreams that come true almost everynight. which i think is some form of psychic ability
@jonnifc (1021)
• Philippines
24 Jul 10
I don't think I have any psychic abilities. Some of my dreams have come true as well. But I think that happens to all of us, just like deja vu. But I want to share the abilities that my friend has. She said that when she was younger she was possessed by some spirit. She said it was a good spirit. She eventually saught to be freed from that spirit. When it left, she was never the same. She could see ghosts and spirits. She can also see in her mind places that she haven't been to. Like, she could describe to you in detail the house that you grew up in, even if that house has burned down already. Of course, she's never been there. She can even tell of the spirits that were supposedly seen or felt in those places. It wazs eerie! I don't think I want to have psychic abilities like that.
@prasunsam (359)
• India
13 Jul 10
Well i can anticipate bad events before their occurence but i don't have such a thing called "the sixth sense".