when love and hate collide

@yunako (74)
July 13, 2010 9:59pm CST
I love my boyfriend so much but found out that he was seeing other girl.he knows that i found about it and im waiting for him to confess.but he just dont say anything about it.he asks forgiveness and dont want to talk about it anymore.i dont know if i have to hate myself for still wanting him or hate him for what he did.i want to hate him but he's too nice too me.
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@Metatronik (5923)
• Pasay, Philippines
15 Jul 10
Just hate what he did because honestly that is already INJUSTICE! Now my question is what is your assurance to him that he will never do that again? Maybe it could be easy for you to forgive just because you love him but the point is one way or another it could be possible that he will do that again? Have you asked him if how come he is seeing other girl already? Just ask him if he still loves you or not to the extent that he needs to find someone else? What are his valid reasons for not loving you and how come he committed in relationship if he does not love you? Being just nice is not enough for you to tolerate it but he must project himself that he is the person that deserves to be trusted.
• Philippines
14 Jul 10
The heart truly has reasons that even reason cannot understand. That's why love is able to defy anything. Oh well, give him another chance and make him promise not to do the same thing again. Also, give him a reason that he won't be able to have anyone in his heart but YOU...:D Like be extra sweeter to him, tell him that you love him,etc. But of course, don't choke him with your love.
@misheli (554)
• Philippines
14 Jul 10
You know what? We had the same experienced. I discovered that my husband is having an affair and when I confronted him he promised me that he will never do it again. But I just found out that he did it for the second time same girl, and when I confronted him again he just ask for my forgiveness and doesnt want to talk about it. I keep on asking him why he did it again, and if he still loves me. And he said that he still loves. I said to him if he really loves me why do you have to see another woman, and I got no answer. My husband is so nice to me but now I don't know if I'm going to trust him anymore.
• China
14 Jul 10
The emotion of love is always so complicated for people , including you . Just you know your own feelings about hating or loving your boy friend . After reading your write , I guess may be he donot care about you and your feelings , so I think he donot deserve you . But I hope my guess is wrong , maybe he is not good at expressing his love feeling on you . Good luck to you .
• India
14 Jul 10
forgive him, love him ,he has accepted mistake