How should the child measles manage?

Hong Kong
November 17, 2006 12:31am CST
How should the child measles manage?
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• India
31 Mar 07
Measles is one of the most contagious viral diseases. It is caused by paramyxo virus and is the most unpleasant and the most dangerous of the children's diseases that results in a rash. The treatment is to stay in bed in a cool room without any bright lights. Medicines for coughing and reducing the temperature should only be given after consulting.
• China
10 Dec 06
This is I in a family nutritional therapy health care book Zha Dao,you might as well as soon as try ??? the folk is called ???, its characteristic for ? theitching nettle rash, suddenly has and the rapid retrogression, afternot scar Often because the allergy (for example eats food the fishShrimp Food and so on crab; Uses certain medicines; The insect bitesnips; The body internal illness stove infects; Intestines parasite;The digestive tract function barrier and so on), causes the skin theorganization cell release ???, causes the small vasodilatation,the pipe wall permeable increase, forms the limited dropsy (namelynettle rash) The diet suitable light, the acute attack should ??the fish be rank Sends the thing If beef ?? ??? and soon The mood do not have too to be intense Besides the blood vesselnerve dropsy should ask doctor to receive a medical examination below,may select the nutritional therapy method: 1. Fragrant-flowered garlic thick liquid: Fragrant-flowered garlicright amount, table salt little Cleans the fragrant-flowered garlic,adds the table salt little, mashes applies the trouble place, on firstseveral times Also may right amount take the fragrant-flowered garlicto sliver young Duan, fried the food on first several times 2. ? stem ? crystal sugar: ? stem 50 grams, crystal sugar rightamount ? the stem will cut to pieces, adds the right amount crystalsugar and the water, will boil the food 1, cures every day up to
• Hong Kong
17 Nov 06
Must reduce the measles the disease incidence rate first to have tocomplete the prevention work, may use the passive immunity,: At thecontact measles latter in 5 days, give the immune serum globulin 0.25milliliters/kilogram, may prevent arise, if give 0.05milliliters/kilogram, may reduce the symptom, if surpass 6 day, areinvalid with the above method, also may use the adult bloodintramuscular injection, the passive immunity only maintains 8 weeks,later will have again the active immunization vaccination prevention. The active immunization, uses the measles to reduce the poisonous livevaccine injection, is the extremely main measure, after because theimmunity the blood serum masculine gender rate is not 100%, alsolengthens as necessary, the immunological reactivity may be weaken, in1983 the American immunity inquiry board proposed, 4-6 year old childin enters in front of the kindergarten or the elementary school shouldthe second vaccination measles vaccine, enters the university theyoung people must carry on the measles vaccine immunity once again.