HELP!!! I'm desperate (headache problem)

July 14, 2010 11:34am CST
hi, it all started last week when i got a pretty strange headache. It wasn't too painful though and it lasted only a few minutes but i got so scared that i could have a tumor or something serious that i couldn't sleep all night. The next day i searched the internet about tumor symptoms but fortunately i dont have any of them. I remained really scared however and from then on that's almost a week whenever i think about what happened and the horror i;ve been through (about the tumor part) i feel like the same pain goes through my head however it's just a feeling this time. I feel really great i keep going to the gym im active but there is this small problem, i think i just raumatized myself like a fool. How can i solve this as i said it's not about a medical (i've checked every possible disease im perfectly healthy) problem anymore it has become part of my life will it go by itself. Please do you have any advice? Thank you!
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@ilann1 (373)
• Israel
14 Jul 10
I used to have constantly migraines day after day week after week month after month, I would take like two pain killers each day because of these migraines and it never helped. Then my mom decided I need to check my brain, so I went to that doctors which scans your brain and sees if there is anything wrong, I advise you to do the same? I think it's called CT test or something. Eventually, they found nothing and now the headaches have passed, not totally, but less common. Meanwhile I can only suggest you to get a good sleep and drink lot of water!
• Romania
15 Jul 10
yes your right, i've done all the tests a few months ago (heart, lungs everything) and i am perfectly healthy. Fromwhat i've read from the internet this might be caused by some sort of exhaustin i've been doing a few mistakes lately: ever since my holiday started i used to stay on the computer from the morning until night so that might be the cause of exhaustion. Yesterday i went to bed much earlier and in the morning i woke up feeling so good so you're right sleeping is the secret. Also there's something strange: whenever i think about it, it's like my problem returns (not as tough though)if i do something else and forget about it everything is fine. That's strange. thanks for your response.
• Philippines
19 Jul 10
Hey Sebastian, have you tried seeing an eye doctor? Sometimes headaches can be cause by eye problems. Why don't you go see an eye doctor? Also, if it didn't come back anymore, I don't think you should worry yourself about it. It could probably just be in your head.
@incus99 (1086)
• Philippines
14 Jul 10
even if you think its not medical or surgical you should have yourself examined by a doctor.. do some CT scan if merited only then when your doctor can clear you.