Most embarrassing moment in your life???

July 14, 2010 1:45pm CST
i share this my embarrassing moment. i remember the day when i saw in grade school, at the classroom i was knocked unconscious.. i dont know what happen but when i open my eyes i saw that many people in my surrounded. i feel so tired on that time and i dont know what to do. i was embarrased in front of my classmates. how about you? what is the most embarrassing moment in your life.???
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• United States
14 Jul 10
one of them was when i was 11 or 10 and the night before my family and i were looking at this movie about a wood dall with crazy hair it scared me so the next day i was still jumpy about the movie i went to the bathroom and i was using my baby sister was learning how to walk in her walker so she some kind of way open then door and the way her hair was it looked like the dall i hop off the tolet and ran with me pans still down thank GOD it was my mom and use to just home i was mad then casue me mom keep lagthing but now its funny LOL.
• United Arab Emirates
14 Jul 10
It was the orientation of my first job. i was so sleepy that i went to the wash room and washed my face and walked out. When i walked out the security called and and said "sir, you entered the ladies washroom." i was so embarresed, luckily there wasnt anyone inside.