Absence makes the heart grow fonder? or causes infidelity?

July 14, 2010 6:34pm CST
it's been 6 years now, my husband and i have been separated from time to time because of his work. he is a sea crew in a cruise ship. At first i don't know how to cope up with all the loneliness that I'm feeling because he needs to go away to work and earn a living to support us, his family. On the first year of his contract, he never fails to phone me everyday. I can feel how much he misses me, how he longed to go home soon to see me and be with me. We have 2 sons then... a 7 year old and 2 year old boys. sometimes he called me two times a day to check on me. there comes the 2nd contract, he's still like that... missing me loving me on the phone and i always email him to update him about what's happening. until came the 3rd contract, some changes happened. I thought maybe he's used to working away from us. he don't call me very often, he just call whenever he need to, when he's sending money. There came the 4th and the 6th contract. I feel a lot of changes. Because right now he calls me only when there's an occasion. We hardly send sms to each other. I ask him and he told me that because it's expensive to call that's why. But i can see many proofs that he has many foreigner and Filipina girlfriends on the ship. Many of his co workers that got home told me that they share both rooms, it's like they were living together. In my heart i feel so hurt, endless pain is unbearable. Because I'm feeling lonely and i miss him and that's so hard for me to know that he's enjoying his life though every time i ask him he will just say how hard his life on the ship. I thought being away could make our hearts more in love and grow stronger...but it ends up like it would be the reason for him to find another. And it would be impossible that he never make love with those women. I also read his email account without him knowing it. I read all his emails to all her girlfriends... that he misses the woman, how he missed the making love thing... Oh God my heart was being torn and broken into million pieces... The pain is not ending... hope somehow i can mend this....
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@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
14 Jul 10
or is it out of sight, out of mind? seriously, if you have a great relationship, nothing will happen but what you need to do is have a sit down talk with him when you can see him next.
• Philippines
16 Jul 10
yeah right...because its really hard to talk over the line. i wanna see right into his eyes the truthfulness if he answers me this or that. I'm still praying that everything will be alright after we talk about this...thanks for your advice.