How to keep myself from leaving mylot

July 15, 2010 1:46am CST
Hello everyone I have recently came back to mylot after getting bored of it a couple of months ago, and i dont really know how to stop myself from leaving again. Have you guys got any tips or advice to help me stay at mylot? all advice welcome
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@bughost (38)
• China
16 Jul 10
HEY dude, there is a reason right? U cannot just alway stick yourself in this place coz u have ur life to leave
• China
17 Jul 10
ur life to life(sorry my fault)
@ET28LV (1895)
• Latvia
15 Jul 10
Yes this was happened for me when I was newbie I post some responses and then I be inactive reason was I was boring here. But, one day I post more and more and It was interesting. From that day I was active everyday except my two months long school days. If you are back now there need to be reason maybe you are people who need money then you can think for money that you get rewarded for your job. But, I do not think, Does It would help. People who do not think for money so much earn well here. Just find something interesting here and stay at It. Take care, Good luck, Have a nice day!
@icecubic (1851)
• Indonesia
15 Jul 10
i guess making friends and try to share any problems yo have here is the best way to keep posting here. anyway why you got bored? keep posting here's the best way and the easiest way to ger moneys,friends, solution. happy mylotting
@minx267 (14740)
• Hartford, Connecticut
15 Jul 10
I have come and gone a few times.. Sometimes I am very active for a few months - earn a couple of months payments.. and then Like you I get bored. or I get busy in the "real world" with other stuff and mylot seems less important.. but I check in every once in a while to keep any earnings in my account active.. And LOOK here I am again.. I was away for a few months but I am slowly getting back into the swing of things.. Plus I could really use the extra money now.
@Porcospino (20969)
• Denmark
15 Jul 10
If you find the discussions boring, you could start your own discussions about things that you find interesting. Comment on people's responses to make the discussions more interesting, some people will comment on your comments and that way you can keep the discussion going. You can learn new things, make new friends etc. You could also try to add more interests on your profile. That way you will get discussions about many different topics instead of just a few. If you are interested in topic that you can't find on the list you can create your own interest group.
@ddaguno (3110)
• Philippines
15 Jul 10
Make friends with the interesting folks of myLot. I really enjoy reading the exchange of conversation between the 'vet' (not old...the experienced) members. They are so witty, funny and knowledgeable and they seem to have an opinion about everything.
• United States
15 Jul 10
Why did you come back? Theres a reason! Also look for things you know or like and start discussing it!