A Letter to a Loving Father

July 15, 2010 2:25am CST
Dear Father, Who could ever compare to you. How can a man be satisfied with his wealth without the presence and guidance of God. I find rest of my soul under Your shadow. How precious are you and worthy of our praises. Man won't exist if Your love doesn't. How blessed we are for great merciful and loving Father you are. I really thank my Daddy God because He really fill me. The satisfaction he gave, inspires me everyday and reminds me that life here on earth is just temporary.... How heavy the sorrow and pain I am facing right now, it can't compare to your sacrifices. One day you will wipe our tears and sorrow will be faded and I believe that in You our Father God we find comfort and pure joy. Great is your dwelling places... Blessed is he who put their trust to god. I am poor and unworthy without my You my god. Every cry I showed and every heartfelt love for you is really not enough for all the good things You've done for me. How blessed I am for I am not alone because You are there just like when I cry You cry as well. How wonderful be in God presence. when you call to God in your deepest desire, god will really hear you. a talk of heart to heart if ever wonderful. There is none like You Lord. You touches me here deep within, I find you. Your love really endures forever. Your embrace filled me with Your presence. Lord, I love you from the deepest part of me. Search my heart Lord.... Let Your presence move within me. How awesome you are.... love You so much Jesus.... love you so much. God is incomparable, let all the praises and glory be lifted unto Him. Love, Your beloved.
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@TexLadyPj (1329)
• United States
16 Jul 10
Herro japhetbriones First off, welcome to mylot. May you have the wonderful and educational experience that I am having at mylot. Second, What a wonderful letter. It is obviously from your heart to a beloved Father. It says what I frequently feel, yet cannot express in such powerful words. I appreciate your posting. God bless you Prosperous mylotting
20 Jul 10
Thank you so much... I appreciate your comment... Yes your right, I want everybody here in mylot take their time in righteous topic. May I know you more and may I know your country? I would appreciate to know someone just the same as my thinking and belief.... Thank you so much and God bless you....