Theatre or Home?

July 15, 2010 4:21am CST
Hmm... we have our own preferences and own way of doing things. In terms of movie, where do you usually watch movies? Choice no. 1:In your own home where you can either borrow or rent a cd,dvd,or vcd from your friends or from any rental shops. You may also buy your own copy. You don't have to buy tickets anymore. You can prepare your favorite food, drink you favorite soda, booze,etc.:D Choice no. 2: In theaters where you sit in this chair and there's this big screen in front of you. You don't have to do anything but just sit and enjoy munching your popcorn,drinking your soda,etc.:D Sorry for not being so creative...:D But I hope you'll still be kind to post your insights...:D Have a nice day, amigos!:D
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@webzap (885)
• Philippines
15 Jul 10
At Home . . . It is more comfortable to enjoy the movie with all the members of your family especially when your better half prepared nice snack or pika-pika. Everybody can enjoy and can have interaction with each other while the movie is rolling. It is better to be in the comfort of your home, less expense too when your budget is tight. and salary is still in the horizon. In the Theater . . . The big screen alone is a comfort in the eye and the sound system is of high quality, not to mention the cool breeze of the air conditioner that soothes your skin. I have to visit the theater if I am with my wife, on a date of course, and I do this only during our birthdays, anniversary, mother and father's day and valentines day.
@abin1287 (114)
• India
15 Jul 10
Most of the times.....its like..I want to watch them at you can be at ease...and can watch it ..pause it..or rewind your choice...and laugh out loud...or whatever the case is....being at home is a different thing altogether.. but it does not mean....that I don't like theater watching.. when i am with my friends then I would choose theater....its more fun with your friends...!!