What camera would you recommend for a beginner?

@ddaguno (3110)
July 15, 2010 8:05am CST
I want to learn photography but I feel that it is waste if I buy an expensive one and find out that I am a lousy photographer. I also have the tendency of getting bored with my hobbies so could you recommend me a good but not so expensive camera? One that's right for beginners.
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• Philippines
19 Jul 10
I recommend that before you purchase any unit or brand of dslr, you might as well do some research on which model or brand suits you best and which ones favors your budget. Try to compare their prices. It also depends on which level of being a beginner are you in. It is best to buy the user friendly ones if you are yet into entry level. Try to see the ones with more pre-set options. When i started about a year and a half ago, i bought an Olympus E-420 and it worked perfectly for me. I was satisfied with Olympus that i bought an E-30. Now my E-420 serves as my back-up unit. Bottom line really is which ones you think works best and you are comfortable with regardless of what others say.
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@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
16 Jul 10
Hi Dda, You can go for a Sony brand. Even though you are going for a photograpy good results are your moto. Also, as you are decided to buy a new one, better go somewhat good camera. Because, the new cameras can be used for long peirod and can be kept for long. Also, all brands have advanced features and excellent photo outputs. So, buy a quite decent and branded one with little extra and which in turn will give you nice photos and can be used for a long period. If you go for a cheap one, then after a period of time you need to purchase another one. So, if you don't have enough money, wait for some time and collect some more and buy a best one. I got Fujifilm Finepix s9600, a best one I purchased about 3 years back. But you can get new and sleek best cameras. However, buy a good instead of taking 2 with cheap rate. Regards, Thank-s
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• United Arab Emirates
15 Jul 10
It depends on what you want to do. Do u want to use it for professional use like selling pictures online or just for hobby. It also depends on your budget. Now a days you can find cameras with 12 mega pixels, x4 zoom, 4 inch display and upto 4gb memeory card. If you go for camersa like nikon, or sony they are pretty expensive. You will find cameras like fuji, kodak, olympus for cheap prices.
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@ermadear (367)
• Indonesia
9 Aug 10
maybe you can using nikon. the quality picture or photos with this camera is good.you can buy pocket camera .this good for beginner photography
@lulu1220 (1010)
• United States
6 Aug 10
I would just get a point and shoot digital camera for now. Go out and pratice taking picture. Try different angles and the different settings on the camera. Once you get comfortable with it, you should consider getting a digital SLR later.