What had happened to the mannerism of our youth today?Even their conducts are !!

July 16, 2010 8:59am CST
I think these are due to the new age they are in with the constant viewing of the Western ways of living.They do not know how to say goodbye,good morning,good evening,or good afternoon.I think these right conduct is given out and thought inside the school room,yet these youngers are just too lazy to say it in public or in the neighborhood.Can the school authorities do something to curb these problems,because it is very alarming that I have observed this for more than 2 decades already ,that new aged teens do not know how to greet their oldies anymore.Have you observed these also mylotters?
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@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
19 Jul 10
If I did not greet people satisfactory to my family's taste when I was growing up I would have been reprimanded. My grandparents have next door neighbors, now it is a grandmother, mother, father and two children. A few years ago and years prior I would always call the neighbors by their first name and that was fine with my grandparents. The two children (younger then me by atleast ten-ish years) would call my grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Their Surname. I always thought I was being kind of rude but they didn't seem to mind either way. However "hello how are you" "good bye" "good morning" all those were in order, If we were with in ear shot we said something, if not we waved... It's just the courteous thing to do. I am not sure why youth is getting out of it, but I know one thing when my husband and I have children they are going to learn their manners!
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• Philippines
19 Jul 10
Thank you very much for the response.You are just true to yourself,that you are making the right choice of manners.Your manners is just natural to me,but others do not know how to appreciate what you have done to them,by just saying thank you is already forgotten,by so many people nawadays.Some people can still say it,but almost all have no comments, they just get their change and attend their cellphones.