I'm Going to Disney World!!

@HansonFan (1659)
United States
July 16, 2010 12:07pm CST
My best friend and I just payed off our trip to Disney World - we are going to all 4 theme parks, Universal, and Islands of Adventure (Harry Potter World!!!) We have the deluxe dining plan and we are staying at the All-Star Music Resort! Do you have any advice for us? She went when she was about 6 so she doesn't remember anything and I have never been - we are excited but not really sure what to expect!
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@marguicha (105923)
• Chile
26 Jul 10
I´d say you should expect to have the time of your life. I have been to Disney World many times and every time there is something different besides my favorites since the first time. The last time I went with my grandsons and saw with other eyes Animal Kingdom. As every place of real interest, it is very complex and each experience is unique. Even the same person will have a different one depending on the time of their lives. Have fun!
• United States
26 Jul 10
I learned this from a teacher back in the 70s when I first visited Disneyland and later applied this to Disney World. Take a map of each park in advance and look up all the rides and attractions for each day. Make a list of what is available to see and then map out all of these attractions so that you are not weaving all over the park. Many of the really good attractions are hidden in nondescript buildings that are easily passed by unless you know where you are going. Efficiency is the name of the game but make it fun, fun, fun. Wear some gooooood shoes and comfortable clothing (cotton helps to handle the heat). For instance, if you see a long line at the Epcot Globe when you first enter that park, skip that ride and go to the rides that are sponsored by companies off to the left of the globe. These are well worth seeing and usually not that crowded in the early morning. Backtrack to the globe later when most of the crowd is well into the park. Restaurants are very expensive even for a hamburger when you get into the park. I must say, though, that the food is well worth the experience. We have eaten at Cinderella's Castle. The Hunter's Stew was great if it is still being served. Everyone is dressed like the middle ages and food is served in pewter dishes. Plan the restaurant around where you will be in the park at lunch time. You may have to check if you need reservations ahead of time. We always ate a hearty breakfast before entering the park, ate a good lunch in the park, snacked for dinner and ate a little more after leaving the park. We have eaten at several places in Epcot and have been pleased with every place we picked. Think of the money spent on food as an experience that you will always remember in a positive way and splurge and have fun. For souvenirs I have come home with very good cookbooks from the various parks at various times. One in particular from the German showcase in Epcot was really a winner. I asked those working in the restaurant if they had a good cookbook to sell that matched some of the foods they served. While that book can be gotten from Amazon.com, I am able to use it many times and still be reminded of the good time we had while eating there. Just a suggestion. Wow, I can type fast and didn't realize that I put so much into this. I hope this is helpful and I didn't ramble. You are going to one of my favorite places to visit. Have a great time!
@maximax8 (28889)
• United Kingdom
16 Jul 10
I hope that you will have an excellent time at Disney World with your best friend. I think that your friend will remember the fairy tale castle and the characters from Disney World. I went to Disney Land in California when I was 20 years old with my sister. We had a very exciting time. We liked the Universal Studios. Harry Potter World wasn't around in those days. You should have a really fantastic time I am sure. Remember to take some sun cream.
• United States
16 Jul 10
Make sure to pack your rain gear. It usually storms every afternoon for just a few minutes but it is enough to get you soaked. Also make sure you have plenty of sun screen. The last time I was in Daytona I got a bad sun burn and it was in February. If you get a chance Sea World was fun the last time we went and I want to go back.