Neobux: is It better to happen from standard member to golden member?

@MDG2211 (711)
July 16, 2010 5:17pm CST
Hello dear friends of mylot, the requirements to have golden membership in neobux are: ° To see mas of 50 announcements, ° Registered for mas of 15 days, ° Reference rents at least 2 times. Lacking me in the third point for expiring to transform in golden member in neobux, now well today does it come to the sum of sufficient money to rent the package of recounted mas boy for 30 days, which they advise me mylotters to invest in recounted to manage to rise of category? There are golden members in Neobux? And if already they are golden members it is better, they gain money mas rapidly, receive mas announcements, obtain mas references?
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