nokia 3120 classic - mobile of flaws

July 16, 2010 10:51pm CST
i have nokia 3120 c mobile. white color. sleek design.. but it has lot of problems with it.... the battery standby is only 1 day... if you camera or media player or games or browsing your gallery, then the battery charge is going like anything... the sound quality is too good .. but some times the sound slowly going for mute after you using head phones for listening songs... the camera is too good.. but it eats the power like anything... if you are out memory, then the no alerts,reminders, message alerts will show up... think how horrible is cant snoozing the alarm at 6 AM morning... according to me, dont buy this mobile.... if you are too techy... for the girls if they need sleek and handy.. they can go for this...
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