What would you choose? Cheaper price text but expensive call or vice versa

Pasay, Philippines
July 17, 2010 1:51am CST
What would you rather tolerate? Having cheaper price of sending text messages but expensive call, just like here in the Philippines or cheaper price of calling but expensive sending text messages just like in United States (well as my relatives told me so). And how com you will choose that? What is your explanation about it? PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This is regardless of prepaid's unlimited text and call I would still rather choose sending text messages that are in cheap price rather than calling. Because in sending text messages I would still feel safe to send my messages whether that person is on his/her free time, important meetings, agendas and events at least I would not disturb anyone just because you need to ask something that sometimes it is not really that urgent. The message will be still do in silent mode. Other than that I really love receiving mobile quotes and jokes by reading it that you can't do that on phone calls. I could still recall the conversation if ever that is needed. Unlike in phone calls sometimes you will ask something that is not important but then there is a possibility that you will disturb the person during class or other event, the ring tone will be the interruption at times. But yes! you can put that in the silent mode but then you can't get back to the person just because you already forgotten that he/she have called you for something.
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@ebook_freak (1515)
• India
23 Jul 10
I like to text only with a QWERTY Keypad. I do not have such a phone and I do not think I would get myself a phone like that, so I prefer calling than texting,. In fact, that's the current plan I have adopted. Moreover, texting is not as fast as talking and sometimes, the expression is not really transmitted. For example if we say something for fun, others might feel sarcasm or fact. Misunderstanding is inevitable... Don't you think so? Happy mylotting. Regards, Ajith.
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• Pasay, Philippines
25 Jul 10
You have a point there especially nowadays there are different meanings in terms of text or even typing on keyboard. If others happened to send text messages that are caps lock they will easily interpret it as you are scolding a person or shouting which is that is not the intention of the sender, sometimes that person is just using other's phone or even borrow it that the person is just confuse on the options. Sometimes my Nanny sent me messages in all caps which is I understand because she is not into computer and yet it was her first time to learn how to type.
@ericpapasit (1276)
• Philippines
18 Jul 10
Whether of the two, the thing is the Network Companies are earning millions while the texters are losing
• Pasay, Philippines
18 Jul 10
You have a point there and I had this feeling that sometimes the chain text like chain letters just came from them, like for example pass this to 20 people and you will have blessings, so that whenever the texters did that it will be easy that their prepaid will be gone so that they will load again.