What would you like to do if you can travel in space ?

Hong Kong
July 17, 2010 5:50am CST
Five ,four,three,two,one,zero,Fire.......There goes the first rocket to the moon.It was a very excited experience to see the first spaceman land on the moon.I imagined that if it was me who can walk on the moon and jump around,then I will be happy for the whole day.But to travel in space is only a fantasy to many people because it takes lots of hard time for a spaceman to go through the tough training process.However ,it is good to have a dream to travel in space and enjoy everything in there.Well,if you have an opportunity to travel in space,what would you like to do? Share with us.
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@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
17 Jul 10
well maybe go to the moon and look for the landing spot of neil armstrong. This would be amazing.
• Hong Kong
19 Jul 10
Oh yes,definately.Neil Armstrong.The first one who step on the moon.I think it must be fun to see his landing spot and see the American flag flying in there.I think if someday we can open a hotel in there,we can have more people to go there and enjoy this moon experience.I am not sure what would happen when we want to eat the chicken legs and see it flying every where because of the pressure on the moon is different.I can also imagine the funny thing happen in that area if there is a moon cup take place in there .We can invite all the soccer team in the world to join in to see if the same team which win the 2010 world cup can do the same on the moon.But I wonder how people can kick the ball on the moon and enjoy the game in there.One more question,will it be a space ship that would be large enough to carry all the people in the world to attend this moon cup opening ceremony ?I think we have to start to make one if we really want to see this happen,he he ha ha....
@takie23 (142)
17 Jul 10
If I have an opportunity to travel in space, I would have to turn down the offer (sorry :P). I love seeing photos taken from space, they are stunning, but to go there for real?, I don't think I would. The idea is too scary. I wouldn't do it.
@cheszka (169)
• Philippines
17 Jul 10
It has been my dream... since I was a child, to be able to travel in space. When I was in high school I've collected lots of books about astronomy, I even collected pictures from magazines and newspapers. I really love the idea of being able to go to other planets and discover life there. Astronomy was the course I wanted to take up in college but due to financial constrictions, it has just become a dream. I ended up taking a course that I was not so interested in. But if I would be given a chance to travel in space, I'd really want to visit Mars and if possible those distant planets to see if there are other living creatures aside from us here on earth.
@quangnhu (31)
• Vietnam
17 Jul 10
Hi friend..When i was a child, i often watch old chinese film, and now, sometimes i watch american films. If i can go into space. I want a oxygen cylinder to fly outside. I wish i can fly as actress. In the films, they fly as a bird, and beautiful extremely. Dear!
@siliguri (4224)
• India
17 Jul 10
I will keep one stone with myself of moon and will show to the people our world except this i'm very curious to see how earth looks from outside. This thing i would do if i get the chance to visit there..