why did it take so much time to clear the oil spillage from the sea

South Africa
July 17, 2010 8:28am CST
i am actually talking about the oil spillage in the gulf of Mexico, i can't just stop and ponder why it took so much time by United States and Mexico to clear the spillage and it was not until thousands of sea life has been destroyed that the oil spillage have been removed, i hope this does not happen again
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@cachalot (60)
• Australia
11 Jan 11
It might have taken a long time for the US and Mexico to clear the oil spillage, but stopping the oil oozing from the oil pipe quickly would certainly have helped. In that regard, you would think the US President would have bent over backwards to help an oil company in such a situation, but what did he do? He forbid BP from bringing in from overseas more up-to-date equipment which would have more quickly and more successfully stopped the oil. They didn't have the equipment available to do this. And of course BP bore all the blame. So much for politics!
@talker1 (148)
• New Zealand
4 Aug 10
i have also listened to that story and i am glad that the ceo of bp resigned knowing how useless he was that he oouldnt do a better job. and i put down the procrastination down to politics and money! mostly money! the less petrol around the world the more money that lines the pockets of the ceos of bp!