do you want to go back to old days of runing and jumping

@sarath49 (762)
July 17, 2010 8:49pm CST
people love their childhood days of running and jumping and having all bit of fun with their friends and family, they always try to remember what they did here and what they did there. They just want to redo it and refresh their memories, but for some todays life is better than early life of slums, where thaey never had good food to eat and smelly cloths to wear for now having 1000 dress to choose from and 1000 recipe to eat from. Do you feel like going back to your old memories or just want to continue with your now happy life
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18 Jul 10
I actually never had a good childhood so I'd say I would rather stay in the present and remember the old days as they were. That's not to say that now is great, just better than it was before.