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July 18, 2010 8:22am CST
can someone explain to me how the internet works? i mean, with all the stuffs we can find in the internet, how is it able to store all the information? will the time come when the www be already memory full? all these websites forums emails blogs videos etc where does the internet store all the info? if you can explain it to me. and if you think the question is really dumb, i am sorry. but i am really curious...",)
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• China
19 Jul 10
Maybe the basic computer knowledge will give you the right answer.
• India
19 Jul 10
All these information is stored in servers , typically computers with high speed and capacity. They are a number of servers located all over the world. When you enter a web address in your browser, the information is sent through and they server that hosts the website you have entered replies to you by sending you the corresponding page. All this is done using programming languages like Databases, Scripting, etc. Don't feel dumb.. its really good to openly ask what you don't know or not sure of. Cheers :)
@surfermac (466)
• India
18 Jul 10
all the pages are stored in servers all the people who want to make their own pages on to the site need to maintain their servers or take them for rent thats called hosting you need to buy out some domain name first before even making a page that your www.example.com it may be many thing .com .in .ca . any thing that are available.