who cry more often?

July 18, 2010 11:51am CST
some says boys don't cry and girls cry more often because they are more emotional compare to boys...like for example in a relationship, when they broke up usually the girls are the most affected and the most to feel the heartache. So who do you cry more often, not just in emotional pain but in general, boys or girls?
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• India
18 Jul 10
generally in my view cry means agreeing defeat...... if a person cry for a problem that means he/she had already accept the defeat. in my view both boys and girls can cry!!!! if they want to accept defeat...
• Philippines
18 Jul 10
what about you cry because you are expressing your feelings or emotions? are there any defeats? or what about tears of joy?
@jose431 (164)
• India
31 Jul 10
Generally girls cry more than boys because girls have got emotional in their heart compare to boys.I used to cry when we are misunderstanding between me and my boyfriend.
@Elixiress (3893)
18 Jul 10
I don't think it is all that gender specific, it depends on the individual. I think that woman will just openly admit that they cry more so than men, because of the stereotype that you mentioned. I am female and rarely cry, I don't see the benefit of it, it gives me a headache, puffy eyes and makes me feel sad. I would rather deal with the situation rather than dwell on it by crying. As for break ups, my past two break ups have resulted in the guy crying but then again I have been called "unemotional" on more than one occasion.