United States
July 18, 2010 2:50pm CST
At night, I turn my pillow to the cold side when I'm about to sleep. I do it because I find it easier to sleep on the cold side.
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@Johny95 (58)
18 Jul 10
same here,but why did you post this discussion,it makes no sense xD
• United States
18 Jul 10
I'm just like that. If you follow my posts you will see.
@twistzao (72)
• Portugal
19 Jul 10
And I thinking I was the only one. I'll try to make 4 lines to this subject, I find it hard, but let's try it out. I turn mine to the fresh side when I don't have much sleep, cause I find it easier to get sleep in a fresh pillow rather than a hot one. I also like listening to music while I go to bed, because it abstracts me from the rest of my room and from the "world" so I can go to sleep. I already did 4 lines, but let's to about 10 :P After setting up my bed to sleep I open a little bit the window so the night fresh air and light can come in. Then I put some music not to loud, not to low. When I feel completely relaxed, I put some relaxing music. Some hypnose stuff. Why? I find it great. If you wanna see relaxing music just check one of my discussions. I just have two so whatever xD
@cbjones (1157)
• United States
18 Jul 10
There's a phrase that one of my favorite sports anchors uses all the time. It goes "as cool as the other side of the pillow" It's odd that I like my blanket to be warm, but get my best nights sleep when the pillow feels like it was in front of an air conditioner for twenty minutes or so.
@sjlskl (3384)
• Singapore
18 Jul 10
My pillow is rather soft and when I sleep, I will turn the pillow to the higher side. As for the colder side, it is normally the same wherever I turn the pillow.
@samaire (154)
• United States
18 Jul 10
I do the same thing. It's very hot here and it's more comfortable to sleep on a cooled pillow. I like to hig my pillow, it's so soft and it makes me dream about sea and lonely island and me dressed only with swimwear :) What can i do! I am a dreamer!!!!!!!