Do you want more Ugly Betty?

@samaire (154)
United States
July 18, 2010 3:30pm CST
Do you want another season of Ugly Betty? I love it! I have watched the original Ugly Betty and i can tell you the US version is more interesting! I love the fashion and this Daniel is hotter than the original one. The original Daniel and Betty got merried and had kids. Do you want the same thing for american ones?
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@kylesmiles (1913)
• United States
7 Sep 10
I love Ugly Betty (Us version), I haven't seen any other version though. It's a little hard to believe that she got as far as she did though, cause it doesn't seem to happen that way in the real world anymore! The economy is not good and I wish there were more jobs created. It's seems people aren't able to find a job, period. So sad.
@buggles64 (2715)
• United States
27 Nov 10
I love the USA version of Ugly Betty, and hope they add another season, although I am not sure that they will. I love the relationship between Betty and Daniel, and I believe that Daniel actually has feelings for Betty, but is having a hard time admitting to himself that he is attracted to her in that way. Yes....I want another season of Ugly Betty!
• Malaysia
30 Jul 10
I watched the Spanish one I really liked it as well, that's why I started watching the US one and I really like it as well! And yess!! I soooo want Ugly Betty to continue rather than it being stopped when she went to the UK. Apparently there will be a movie out for it, anyone heard any updates on this?
• Portugal
26 Jul 10
I never watched the original version of Ugly Betty but I can say that I really like the US version. It's too bad they cancelled it. I would like to see Betty marrying Daniel because after everything that happened on the show I think they should be together and we should be able to see how would they get along.
@juryse (753)
• Philippines
25 Jul 10
I love the Ugly Betty (US version). It's funny and smart show. I love the relationship between Betty and Daniel. It doesn't have a love angle but they love each other's as friends.