Who killed Sandaime Kazikage?

July 19, 2010 12:39am CST
I wonder who killed him, somebody help me find out...
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@aika07 (59)
• Singapore
19 Jul 10
if i am not wrong, Sasori was the one who killed Sandaime Kazekage. He killed him in order to turn him into his own human puppet, which was shown when he fought Chiyo and Sakura. I'm not too sure about it as not a lot has been said about Sandaime Kazekage, and his real name was not even revealed.
@musedsmh (256)
• Indonesia
19 Jul 10
thats true. he was killed by expert puppet maker Sasori and turned into his most prized puppet.
• Philippines
20 Jul 10
really? thanks, It was also stated there that sandaime kazikage is the only one who can use iron sand jutsu.
• Saudi Arabia
31 Jul 10
Sasori of the Red Sands, the puppetmaster had kidnapped the third Kazekage (the only one who could use the iron sand jutsu). He then killed him and turned him into a puppet for fights. He uses him in the fight against Sakura and Chiyo-basama.