Avail of the Short Term Travel Protection

@kevinll (967)
July 19, 2010 1:12am CST
Consulting your insurance agent should be included in your to do list when you're readying to travel home or abroad since mishaps maybe present in many times. With the right kind of insurance, travelers can protect themselves financially against possible hazards, from missed charter flights to lost luggage. Majority of people, according to fireman's fund insurance corporations, acquire essential trip insurance coverage from health and accident policies, personal automobile policies, and homeowners or tenants policies. Of course we just wanna a pleasure journey. Sometimes I don't care about these insurances. How about you?
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@marguicha (101988)
• Chile
26 Jul 10
When I was young I did not take a travel insurance and it wasn´t so usual in those days either. Now I don´t travel out of my country without it. That insurance is very unexpensive and it pays off when you have problems abroad. Once the small bags where I had my meds was stolen. The most important thing were the pills. A doctor came immediatly to our hotel and gave us the RP wih the names of the meds we took. Meds don´t have the same name in each ountry and not all are sold over the counter either. Later the insurance paid for part of our loses, includisng the doctor and the meds that we bought abroad.
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
25 Jul 10
One of my friends visited America and he didn't take any travel insurance with him. That was really silly of him because medical expenses in the USA are very high indeed. If he had fallen over and broken his leg it might have cost twenty thousand dollars. What if he had got run over by a car. Five nights in hospital and treatment might have cost him one hundred thousand dollars. Luckily he came back safely. However sometimes baggage could get stolen or a traveler could have an accident. I had a miserable time in Asia. I got sick with a fever. When better I fell down an open drain and injured my leg. I came home on crutches. I met one traveler that broke her leg in Australia. She had to choose from going back home using three seats on the plane or stay six weeks until her leg was mended. I chatted to man that had been ill enough to need a nurse 24 hours a day. My friend went to Spain and her luggage got lost. These days when flying it is wise to buy travel insurance that will cover an airline failure. Some many airlines are going out of business. Travel insurance is available up to one year for backpackers.