Working in computer is todays craze !

@alienstar (5140)
July 19, 2010 5:11am CST
People like to work on computers more and more these days.It also creates an impression that it is quite easy to work on computers for those people who are not at all in this field.Many people do also say that -since there is no physical work involved in computer filed it is working there.But actually it is vice versa and i would say other people might be at easier position than this one.At least they will be moving around and get some kind of exercise but not these software professional isn't it?
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@smiley83 (1535)
• Malaysia
19 Jul 10
awh yeah I do agree with u...I myself find it very flexible to use the computer to do my work.. in fact, my online work is usually done through the computer, my assignments are also done from there. we would even prefer to talk to our friends and family members from there too instead of meeting them face to face! it is very much convenient...
• Romania
19 Jul 10
working in IT area ... welll, it depends if you are working as software ing or hardware ing. for hardware work is a little easier. I do like to open all the comp and make some changes :). I`ve tried on software too, but I its a little dificcult.:)