Email Password Hacking Software?

July 19, 2010 7:14am CST
Just saw on the news about it spreading over the internet. But I'm not sure if I should believe in it. It might be just a stupidity of some people giving away their passwords. And so I googled it and was shocked to find so many results. Facebook password, yahoo password, hotmail password.... The process how to use the software is even in youtube! But I still doubt if it's real. Anyone here ever used it or heard of it? Our emails might not be safe if that's real......
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@maikeruk (406)
• Germany
19 Jul 10
to talk about password craking you have to go to the theories of how to break a password. using technics like brute force or dictionary attacks you can get any password. not only for emails but for whatever. this methods use the computer power to guess the password. Of course there are some other methods that are more complex. to make a program that do that isnt that difficult the thing that make this programs is that are a bit un realistic most of them. why? because they are based in guessing techniques as the one i mentioned and even with the possibility that you can find the password of someone you usually need a lot of time to guess a password and a lot of computer power. so dont worry so much about that, just as a recomendation try to keep your password as complex as you can, also mixing character types and make it long will be enough. of course never give your password to anyone.
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@MDG2211 (711)
• Argentina
20 Jul 10
If I have heard of many programs, that they offer you a service, you use it and there they steal your information and passwords from you, it is necessary to have very much elegant, there are many hackers, the e-mails also are in the habit of being vulnerable, but not everything what one sees and is listened thereabouts it is true, there are many lies turning. The better thing is to avoid to open messages not known in your post office and to take all the necessary precautions at the moment of revealing important information, passwords, and a lot of care at the moment of registering.