My System is always showing REBOOT the system, so what to do?

July 19, 2010 2:43pm CST
I am really tired by watching this every time when i start my pc or system. First it gives a message to reboot the system and when i press alt+ctrl+del key then it will restart and then it opens the operating system and then i will be able to use. After completing my work when i will shutdown my pc and if i start it again then again it will ask for reboot the system, so i am getting angry and i don't know what to do. So please suggest me regarding this.
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20 Jul 10
Hello sach, I'd like to help if I can. First I want to know your system specs: OS(is it pirated?),CPU,RAM, how old is your hardware(specifically your hard disk), what security software/s u have(av,firewall, etc..). Also, did you do any system tweaking before this occured or did you recently install anything or updated drivers, etc... ?
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2 Aug 10
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@hanagi (391)
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20 Jul 10
Maybe your computer has been infected by a virus that resulted to the corruption of some important files in your operating system. Run diagnostic test or repair your OS. Check if there are problems in the hardware like the memory or check your hard disk.