Need advice about my ankle

@jane239 (521)
July 19, 2010 3:13pm CST
Ten months ago I developed tendonitis in my ankle and was sent to a specialist. I waited six months for the appointment and all he said to me was whatever was wrong with it he was certain it would settle down and then took me back off his list. That was four months ago and I'm still in so much pain I can't even go out of the house because it hurts too much to walk on. The only time I've been out is to go to the doctor or hospital. Nearly three weeks ago a consultant sent me for an x ray and said she'd send me the results but I've still heard nothing. How would I tell if I had a stress fracture? I only ask because the pain feels different now to the tendonitits I had months ago and I'm getting a pain and in my calf near my achilles and I'm afraid that is going to tear. If I go to my own doctor he can only refer me to the hospital and that will be another six months.
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20 Jul 10
You know what, you should inform the specialist that you've consulted ten months ago or you should follow up the results with the consultant who sent you for an xray. And you should make it clear to them how painful your uncle is and how delibitated you can get. Being unable to work, I guess you an even avail of disability benefits from your insurance company. There are really different cause of pain in the ankle, tendonitis and fractures can be one of the few. You have first to know what's wrong with your ankle. So go back to your doctors. YOu can't be treated properly unless your problem is diagnosed.
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
19 Jul 10
that is all you can do is to get a second or even a third opinion. you are in pain and pain is not normal.