The Change of Baseball

United States
July 19, 2010 8:06pm CST
Baseball seems to have gone several changes recently. George Steinbrenner seems to have had a large effect on the game. Yes he bought the Yankees in 73 and led them for 37 years. The players he encountered are legendary. Reggie Jackson, Thurmon Munson, Bobby Mercer, Don Mattingly, Dave Winfield, Alex Rodrigez and Gary Jeter. The Yankees to me represent a fair chance for someone who had talent to excel no matter their color or nationality. The Yankees under Steinbrenner just wanted to win. The changes in the game have come full circle. Today there is a new influx of black players led by Jason Heyward of Atlanta and others. The all star game showed a new rise of the athletes. The White Sox, The Tigers and the Yankees are the leaders in the AL while the Cardinals, the Reds, and the Braves are the favoritews in the NL. Pitching is dominating as homeruns have reached the least amount by the all star game since 73. Baseball continues to be the best game for a family to afford. For 50 dollars a father can take his son and have a good time. There is a revival and with model set by Steinbrenner maybe more will follow that path.
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