Gmail got suspended?

July 19, 2010 10:41pm CST
Recently, my gmail account has been disable without any reason. They asked me to enter the phone number and i did it..but there were no respond from them. I've check if i have violate their term of services..negative..what's the problem actually? Anyone had the same problem? Luckily it's not my primary email, but i used that mail for all my survey..i never send any email with my gmail..besides, i only used it to access my blogspot, other forum(s) and other google's product.
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@bughost (38)
• China
20 Jul 10
U haven't sent any email with gmail? Maybe that's the reason!!(just kidding) A whole bunch of my friends use it, none of them engaged such weird problem like yours. But your misfortune reminds me something happens a year ago. I use my id number to register a post as EXPO volunteer. A few mounths later, the news came imforming me to confirm my personal imfomation. Then I found that I cannot login with my id number nor can I register a new account with my id as it said my id is occupied.
• Malaysia
20 Jul 10
Gmail is the worst email ever if they deleted the account just because the user did not send any email..i only used it to received email. What makes me more confuse is, even my gmail disable, I can access another forum using my gmail account..hmm..what is going on? By the way, if there are no other option, perhaps i need to create a new gmail account.
@ada8may21 (2419)
• Philippines
20 Jul 10
That sounds odd, I've never experience that although I am not checking my gmail most often. I just leave it that way. I am not into gmail. I hope that thing will be solve in the near time.
• Malaysia
20 Jul 10's odd...I have tried to contact them but until now i am waiting for their respond. I have never experience this problem with my other, i have to change lots of my survey settings...
• United States
21 Jul 10
This is happening to a lot of people that I know. I think its an ongoing problem. When you get in your email, check and see if it has sent out some spam emails to people. This happened to me, my sister, my husband, and his aunt. And no, we don't all live My husband and I live together, my sister lives at home still and my husband's aunt lives in TX (us in NC). So yeah, its not a related problem, a couple of my friends have experienced it as well.
@youless (95283)
• Guangzhou, China
20 Jul 10
This is quite strange. It seems that there are no reasons for an email account to get suspended. Did you try to write to report it? It may be a technology problem. I love China