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Darwin Theory Vs Religion - About Human Evolution Theory Vs Theology
July 20, 2010 1:20am CST
This must be the most controversial issue of all discussions of all time. Some might avoid it and some will argue regardless of what their believe and ideas. As we thought, through religious teachers (Islam and Christianity), we believe that the 1st human, Adam, was created by God to live amongst His creation in the Garden of Eden. And then found that Adam was lonely, God created Eve, basically made out of Adam's ribs (just want to cut the story short actually). But after get caught eating forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, both Adam and Eve banished and sent to Earth. From there, humanity starts and multiplying as until nowadays. Different from the Human Evolution Theory, human are the species product of evolution from apes. This theory arise from observation of surrounding animals which exist nowadays which have similarity from their ancestor. The discussion now are, which of this brief details should support our believe system? Curiously, I also wonder how human exist in this world and do we are here now exist by God's will or just that in current form we are for basic survival needs from what or whom our ancestor look like was. If base from Human Evolution Theory, within a few thousands or hundreds of years from now, we might evolve into another form of existence where suit the surroundings in the future. In contradiction with Human Evolution Theory, with religious system of believe, human may not be in other form but instead once the end of the world come, all will perish and will be judge base on how we are as when we live. All welcome to discuss and contribute their ideas and believe here cause I want everyone to freely express what are actually been thought of about this matter. Anyway, this link provide good stuff about this matters in details:
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21 Jul 10
I think Adam and eve is real but messed up. If we are the kids of Adam and eve then we are committing incest because we came from the same parents. In many places this is taboo but if you believe that we all came from the same folks then we are all brothers and sisters multiplying, thriving here on earth, where Adam and Eve were sent to suffer. I also think that Earth is hell because we're here to suffer according to the story of Adam and Eve. Go forth and multiply!!! isn't that a bad way to look at it? Maybe I'm wrong but how can anybody be sure. I think evolution only works if we look at the adaptation of humans to their environment. I think it is called natural selection or something like that. Just like how people of northern china are lighter skinned than the ones who lives closer to the equator where it is hot and sunny. IDK, I'm not sure how our physical features have differed maybe we are born with defects when we parted from Adam and Eve or we have different usage for them and we mutated for such purposes through the years.
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21 Jul 10
albert, there had been many discussions about this topic, as you said in your first sentence. I think the mylotters had exhausted all their arguments. But wait a while, some of the new ones might still be interested. As for me, the debates had evolved. The HET had become extinct.