what will you say to god?

July 20, 2010 1:53am CST
I you ready for the judgment day? if you die today ,,and God ask you ..."IN WHAT REASON WHY ILL LET YOU IN ...HERE IN HEAVEN?" what would you answer HIM?
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• Canada
20 Jul 10
Because I'm always up for a hypothetical: If a god and a heaven actually did exist, I would explain that all the good things that I have done in my life I did out of true compassion and consideration for my fellow living species. I volunteer, I am involved with and donate to charities, I fight for human rights, and I'm a vegan. And I made all these choices with no expectations of receiving a reward of an afterlife because I'm an atheist. I do these things simply because I respect life and know it is the right thing to do. Honestly, I'm pretty sure that god would be more likely to let me than most of the believers out there.
@johnpillai (2083)
• Germany
20 Jul 10
"That is not my duty. That is your duty. You are God. You never forget things. so judgement is yours. i humbly accept your judgement."