what do you thing of firefox personas ?

@hanagi (391)
July 20, 2010 9:02am CST
Well i recently changed the look of my firefox browser and I got fascinated with it. I think it is very cute I installed spongebob persona and I would often smile whenever I looked at it. Also I tried downloading google chrome but I found out that it is very different with firefox. In the end I still use firefox as my browser.
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• United States
6 Oct 10
I like them, I think they're very interesting. I have a persona on mine right now and I like it a lot.
• United States
5 Oct 10
they are awesome i use them all the time it makes it look better, and it doesn't effect the way it works
@rkamurugy (279)
• Brazil
21 Jul 10
You are right, was a great surprise for me when i use Persona for the first time, the look of Firefox is amazing with Personas, never ever saw a addon to a browser or any other software that change the look of it so perfectly.
@ferry2046 (146)
• China
20 Jul 10
well,i also use firefox browser,since it works best between all the browsers i have used.