Where's the cream filling?

@uath13 (8207)
United States
July 20, 2010 7:48pm CST
Went shopping again the other day & on top of the usual confusion because they've moved everything around AGAIN they're not carrying my favorite stuff. What happened to my Little Debbie Golden Cremes? Nobody has em... My Sargento chipotli cheese sticks are gone to... On top of that they have to tease me too. I go looking for a specific style hat. They have it in the right size but in green. They have the right color ( black ) but not the right size in it... Why must the local stores tease me so? Just when I find something I like they stop carrying it ( this goes for restaurants too ) or move it to some obscure isle where I'll NEVER find it again. If I do happen to locate it... It's shifted yet again! Why do stores do this?
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