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July 21, 2010 12:27am CST
could you recommend best model and brand for digital camera...? planning to buy one...
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• Hong Kong
29 Jul 10
I'm using canon DSLR, I think that can you tell us how much do you want to spend for it? If about 1000$ or more Canon & Nikon DSLR is recomended. Nothing is the best, just find the review and take what you feel better for you. I think the best model should be the latest model (sometime) :). When I plan to buy my first DSLR, I read very much specifications of Cameras i like. I think is the good way to review what you will buy. Remember, earn much much money when you decided to buy a DSLR for lenses ;).
@egsunio (76)
• Philippines
27 Jul 10
I can certainly recommend Canon and Nikon cameras. I have a point and shoot Canon camera and a Nikon DSLR camera. If you want to learn more, check out and
@Steinway (312)
• United States
24 Jul 10
I have a Canon. It's been a fairly good little camera. And, I also use it to make my You Tube videos and it does real good. It is just what you want as far as cameras go. The reason I choose a Canon was I was looking at how compatible it would be with my OS system on my computer and Canon fit the bill.
• Philippines
22 Jul 10
If you're planning to get serious with photography, I recommend either Nikon or Canon digital SLR. Digital SLRs enables the user to manually set the camera settings (Aperture, shutter speed, ISO), which makes a digital SLR a lot more flexible than point-and-shoot cameras. Enabling you to manually set the above settings also means allowing you to be more creative with your image composition and exposure. Both Canon and Nikon offer DSLR for all levels of photography enthusiasts and professionals. For a beginner, I recommend Canon D550 (18 Megapixels digital sensor, full HD video recording feature), reasonable price for a camera with such image quality. I also suggest that you read users' online reviews about any camera that you're interested in. These forums compare different camera models and brands.
@BLD367 (143)
• United States
21 Jul 10
This is the list For a Point and shoot camera under $300, the best brands are Panasonic Canon Sony For a High end compact/super zoom around $300 to $450 Canon Panasonic Sony Olympus Samsung For a DSLR/Micro four thirds camera $350 to $500 Pentax Canon Nikon Olympus Sony I really like the Panasonic cameras a lot. High quality and a great value.
@youless (93655)
• Guangzhou, China
21 Jul 10
If I am going to buy a new digital camera, needless to say, I will buy Nikon D90. I am really interested in this DSLR. It can take quality photos. Besides, it can record the videos in good quality. This is a big improvement for DSLR because in the past it was impossible for a DSLR to record videos. I love China
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
21 Jul 10
I have a Canon, and all my cameras so far have been by Canon. I think this is really a great brand for cameras and can highly recommend it. The model depends on your needs and wishes though. What are you looking for, more or less?
@allamgirl (2145)
• Philippines
21 Jul 10
my digital camera's a sony cybershot. i've had it for a year and a half and i still love it. i'm quite satisfied with it. so i can tell you that sony is a good brand. i don't know if that's the best brand, but it is good. there's this new model that i want, the tx5. it's shock-proof, dust-proof and water-proof. mine is an old t2 and it doesn't have those features but i still love my camera, although i would love to have that model. if you want a dslr, i don't know if sony's good at that. my friend has a nikon and he seems to be in love with it.