I am very Rude Person :|

rude - i am rude
July 21, 2010 3:04am CST
I dont understand why people feel that i am rude but i am not. Even i not even tell any-word to anyone which hurt them. But i am a shy person an speak a little is this the cause of my rudeness. I hate when they call me you are rude as if i dont like to talk why should i have to talk. Its really very annoying
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@bkrm_gupt (220)
• India
30 Jul 10
Every person are not same all have different personalities.so i belongs to the shy character thats why people think me as rude.
• India
27 Jul 10
you take a step what you think is right.Don't think about others what they think about you.Speak to people as much as you can. Bring charm on your face and give your smiling face to every one.Everyone will start liking you.If you think that you are being rude to others because people say that way then that bad impression will get stuck to yourself and you will feel yourself guilty.You wont be able to cop up with the people.Be good with people as much as you can.
@rtsh_gup (186)
• India
24 Jul 10
If someone give u bad comment don't take it seriously because in the world it is very hard to please people who think different towards us.Be happy with what you are.
@pwnson (151)
• India
23 Jul 10
Every person has different personality . I think you are one of the shyness category.
@Porcospino (18601)
• Denmark
22 Jul 10
I think that some people interpret shyness the wrong way. They think that people who are shy are rude or arrogant, but that is often very far from the truth. People who have never been shy sometimes find it hard to understand shyness and the way that it can affect your behaviour, they think that you are rude when you are just more quiet than them. Today I am not as shy as I was in the past, but I still remember the bad reactions that I got sometimes. I was quiet and some people thought that I didn't like them and didn't WANT to talk to them, but the truth was that I was too shy to talk to them, and they misunderstood me. Maybe people also misunderstand your shyness.
@ddaguno (3110)
• Philippines
21 Jul 10
Maybe you dont respond to greetings because you're shy. Other people would find that rude. If you don't feel like greeting other people you can either just nod or smile. That would be enough for them not to think of you as rude.
@oldchem1 (8144)
21 Jul 10
Shyness can often be interpreted as rudeness or aloofness. Try not to let these remarks hurt you, perhaps smiling a little when listening to people rather than joining in will help.