Facebook is good social Networking website

July 21, 2010 7:00am CST
I found so many old friends through Facebook. I share what i feel currently through facebook and found how much my friends care and love me. I can play games if i m getting bore. I am connected to whole world through this site.
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• Canada
27 Jul 10
I agree that facebook is really a great site to connect to old friends, new friends, current friends, family and relatives, etc. You can chat with them through facebook chat, send emails, write on walls, etc. However, the bad thing I have about facebook is that you don't actually need to talk to those people to know what they're doing. In the old days, if you want to know how other people are doing, you will need to call them, send them letters, emails or text messages. Now in facebook, some people update their status regularly. They post some pictures and videos. So for us, we don't need to ask them what they're doing and stuff, because we can just see their status, photos, and videos. Eventually, we'll talk less and less to these people, and finally not talk at all. As a personal experience, I've almost always added people that I knew in the past. Classmates, old friends, long lost friends, etc. But, I don't actually talk to them because once I added them, I have access to their status updates, photos, and videos. Once I look at them, I know where they are, I know what their plans for the weekends, I know what they just did yesterday, etc. That leaves me nothing to talk about with them. I ended up just looking at pictures without actually talking to the person. At the end, we never get a chance to talk, and our relationship grows apart. Sorry for making facebook sounds bad. It's still fun nevertheless.
@xorticanz (377)
• India
22 Jul 10
I agree with you neha. It is one of the best social networking sites. I am in orkut also. But i feel very different in facebook. The games, tagging of snaps, getting to know friends all over the world is all an addon there. Certainly one of the best social networking sites i know as of now.
• Bulgaria
22 Jul 10
Of course it is good. I like surfing in Facebook. I play games there and chat with all my great friends.
@rosan091 (60)
21 Jul 10
its good but if ur conrcerned about privacy then dont use facebook to share ur photos and information.have a happy browsing!!