July 21, 2010 8:34am CST
have you experience having an excessive hairfall that you are almost getting bald? Do you know the cure to this malady ? Well , i did and i know the feeling and i discovered a cure for it ?
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• United States
21 Jul 10
if you know a cure please tell i am desperate!
7 Sep 10
hi , dorothy i'm sorry it took me awhile to answer your question. I use the juice of lemons and onions and i spread the juice on my scalp overnight. I do this every night until the hair loss was eliminated, and small hairs begin to grow on my scalp/
• United States
21 Jul 10
My hair fell out very badly and I am now suffering for it. I knew if I did not take my viatins after surgery this would happen. i could not swallow the ones the doctor gave to me. So I suffered terrible hair loss. Now that I am taking a multi viatamin it stopped shedding. Now I am looking forward to it growing back in. My edges are bald and the top of my head as well. You can see my scalp..
22 Jul 10
hello giftsandbagscom . you're name is so long. its very hard to type the letters . anyway. I hope it would grow soon maybe its because of the surgery. Wait for sometime and it would grow back for sure. Mine was different, it just fall off without any reason. I have to remedied something herbal so that it would grow back. And luckily it did.