Mobile Phones Are More Than Just Telephones:

@naoimi09 (106)
July 21, 2010 9:32am CST
Remember the days when mobile phones are as large as the brick? The cellular phone then was a heavy contraption with a leather casing and a huge rechargeable battery to come with it. It was high- tech, as I recalled because it was portable in that sense. Fast forward to 2003. In just a decade, the mobile handset has become smaller, cheaper and lighter device. Who would have thought that everyone, and I mean everyone including the jeepney driver, would own a mobile phone. It was this year (2003) that I got my first mobile handset. So I felt so lucky to be sort of the above the rest, well, in terms of having the latest gadgets. Since mobile phones are now more ubiquitous than personal computers, or mobile PC's or notebooks, it is but logical for manufacturers to merge computing features into the mobile phone. Now "smarter" phones allow people to send and receive email, send instant messages to someone across the globe, capture a short video clip then send it to a friend, and even act as a remote controller for other devices. So hang in there as you would soon play witness to another revolution in telecommunications and computing.
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@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
22 Jul 10
well in the future, it would be as strong as netbooks and such. And the difference between a laptop would be so thin that the only difference would be on performance. but for me the next revolution would be a foldable/rollable plastic screen that i have seen the protoype with in tv. one of the drawbacks of phones today is the small screen.
• United States
21 Jul 10
Just like everything else, cell phones got smaller because the technology progressed. Like for example, computers got smaller because the makers could build the same thing or even better in a smaller package. But, I don't think cell phones are iPods or anything of that nature can get any smaller. If they do, we'll lose them! I mean look at the new Ipod Shuffle. It's so small the controls aren't even on the device. They are on the headset! Today's technology is just the right size, unless the could make holographic tech stuff that could be everything in one. Like you press a button and a fake screen of an ipod comes up and you press what song you want. It would very Star-Trekish