Which one are you?

@hushi22 (4940)
July 21, 2010 11:53am CST
There are a lot of different people around the world even when it comes to wardrobes. Are you a fashion trendy or a stylist? I myself is a stylist. I prefer to have my own style. At least, it won't fade by time. Unlike the fashion which I find so expensive and difficult to be up to date with. How about you guys?
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@staaars (11)
25 Jul 10
I follow a trend or part of it IF it flatters my figure or if it complements my style. Its useless to follow what the other people are dressed up with if it doesn't look good on you. I'm not a trend follower nor a stylist, I may be a bit of both. I have my own style, and people follow them. But I also know how to ingest others' style when needed.
• India
22 Jul 10
I would love to be simple and sweet...
@T_Diamond (965)
• New Zealand
22 Jul 10
As a guy, I can tell you one thing... The tux never goes out of fashion ;)
• Philippines
22 Jul 10
I'm not sure, because I'm not a stylist I am also not trendy, I just wore the clothes that I want different, and the one that makes me comfortable while wearing it, branded or not.
• United States
21 Jul 10
I"m just practical. I can't afford stylish current clothes usually if they are even in my size! So I buy things I like that are cheap and my size. I've found alot of cute tops at rummage sales the past 2 years, nothing like a designer label @ rummage sale prices! I like fashion alot but I don't have the means or the body shape for the majority of it.
@Skade24 (750)
• Romania
21 Jul 10
Stylist i guess, because i don`t wear something just because all people wear that, i wear what i like. I select from the clothes that are in trend, just the ones that i like, and i fit them how i like, just to feel comfortably.
• United Arab Emirates
21 Jul 10
It is said eat to please yourself and dress to please others. I do always dress to please other. i have been commented by many of my collegues for my dressing sense. But the credit goes to my wife, she changed my dressing sense.
@AutumnGold (1062)
21 Jul 10
Hello Hushi. I used to be a fashion addict, I would only buy the latest trends but now I'm more of a stylist. I prefer to wear what suits me and makes me feel comfortable so as long as it looks and feels good I will wear it.
@anjo12 (66)
21 Jul 10
I like to be updated on the current trends in fashion but I usually do not follow them. I like to have my own style. I like classic items that will never go out of style. Like you said, being too trendy can be expensive. I don't want to waste precious money on things that I wouldn't be wearing after 3 months or so.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
21 Jul 10
I think I am a little bit of both, which I think is a good thing. I have my own distinctive style, but I also like to read fashion magazines and keep an eye on the latest trends. But not all trends suit me, so the ones I don't like, or don't suit me, I just skip!