Turn guitar strumming into tab

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July 21, 2010 3:27pm CST
Does anyone know of a computer program that could turn guitar recordings into tab or notes? I would like to play songs written by me or just fun strumming sessions and turn them into tab or notes on a virtual fretboard? Does anyone know if this is possible?
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21 Jul 10
If you want to play other people songs go to ultimateguitar.com. If YOU want to write your own songs go there too because there it allows you to write your own tabs and put it up for people all over the world to play. That's what I use for all guitar and bass tabs. Hope I helped.
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22 Jul 10
Yep your input is much appreciated, I have used Ultimate guitar a few times it's great, but i'm looking for more of a program thats similar to speech to text only instead of turning vocal words into text, I would like to turn guitar notes picked up by a Mic into notes or tab on screen :-) I guess i'm looking for a way to turn them into notes since I can't read music at all :-( I have written a few songs into tab it just took a little longer than the experts ha ha ha :-)
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3 Jun 12
I was not even aware that such programs existed. It sounds interesting and also like a lot of fun to be able to do such things. I see that another responder recommended a program to you, and that you are familiar with this program. It must be nice to have guitar playing as a talent. I once downloaded a program called, Home Typist, that adds typewriter sounds to my computer so that whenever I use the keys on my keyboard, it sounds like an old typewriter. I like the sound of the bell, 'ding' whenever I hit the return button. It's a lot of fun. Perhaps you could give it a try!