How will you escape this tragedy?

July 22, 2010 12:16am CST
I was reading a news it was july 21 a typhoon came from china and about damping of water from the largest dam in china and they open the spill way everything was wash away the houses, bulldozer, people drown even crew that was been cleaning. If you were there how will you survive and escape that kind of situation? for me I might be on panic seeing what happen I feel so sad in your opinion.What are you going to do to and how will you escape?
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@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
22 Jul 10
Hi dear, Every reaction is mostly based on the surrounding situations only. Here in this case, it is so particular that how fast the water is running, is there any hill side near by, is it a forest area around etc. As an immediate reaction, if around and possible, climb up on the trees. If we cannot run around and water is almost reached up, there is no option. We cannot take adequate preparations in such times. We cannot hide on houses or such places. If there is some huge rock or something like, climb upon it. or if possible, run towards opposite direction where water may not come. Also, if you got into water, wave on it, if the water is not jump into some deep places. But the authorities should infor the people prior to open the shutters of the dam so as the nearby people can move to a secure place. There may be options, but most approprite will depend on the situations. Regards, Thank-s