July 22, 2010 12:51am CST
Since ages, this subject has been of interest.It is curiosity of every individual to know what is going to happen in future-whether in his/her life or other's life. Scientifically, this subject has not gained acceptance worldwide. Still in every corner of the world, interest in the subject exists and people swear by predictions.There are predictions made on larger scale involving nations that have been documented, and talked about at different fora- the notable being Nostradamus' predictions! Speaking of predictions, a very general observation suggests that predictions do not turn out to be true all the time in an individual's life. But at times, it happens with accuracy.Some may call it a chance cause.Many beg to differ as I would.While predictions go wrong, which may be attributed to error in interpretation of astrological reference by person making prediction, it is not appropriate to condemn the subject as useless or unworthy of scientific study.Rationalists make light of the concept of stars/heavenly bodies governing human life.In my view, thorough scientific study should be made to arrive at conclusion. There are groups that are devoted to the study and spread, however, at larger scale there is lack of enthusiasm.
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22 Jul 10
Why do we need to predict the future? The future has already been told to us through history. Unless humans change, history will only repeat itself.