whic is the best thing you do on internet??????????

July 22, 2010 1:23am CST
hi friends all of us do many things on internet but there are many specific things which we do on internet . i use internet because i have in interest in finding new things and increase my knowledge about the world. and what is yours i want to know so please tell me about opinions thanks........good...............................day....
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• Canada
22 Jul 10
I use the internet for many things. First is to connect with people through social network sites, emails, messenger, etc. Second, I also use the internet for entertainment. I could watch videos, play games, read news, do some research, etc. Lastly, the thing I'd like to do most during my free time is to try to earn some money from the internet. I've joined a few different sites that could give you some income. My lot is just one of those sites. Some other ones I joined are neobux,onbux,unibux, sponsored tweets, mturk,mysurvey,etc. Blogging could also be a source of your income if you know how to monetize it. How do you monetize a blog? Again, use the internet to find out this information. The internet is pretty much the source of information. You can find almost anything in the internet that's why it's important to know how to use the internet
@damned_dle (3944)
• Philippines
22 Jul 10
Earning money. Because I don't have real work at the moment. I'm trying to get 200 referrals here on mylot because this is the only site I know that is highly recommended. Second will be researching about things I'm interested. Third, for entertainment. Like finding movies and music.