are we loosing our nature by improvement of so many technologies today?

Technology versus Nature - Technology is improving so much.
July 22, 2010 8:16am CST
As everybody we are getting lot of technology updates everyday.Lot of advantages we are getting from technology.But no ones worries about disadvantages.I think, we are loosing all our original nature because of technology.We are all going to be machine things. Please share your views. Cheers, Sakthi
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• India
22 Jul 10
I agree... the technology has many advantages and surplus disadvantages too... Pros: 1. makes life easier 2. very efficient 3. fast like anything Cons: 1. makes human lazy 2. only brain will be the only organ that will function in the near future 3. using the world's resources 4. no alternative steps taken to save nature 5. the acquisition speed is very much higher than saving the nature