Do you suffer Sleep Deprivation?

July 22, 2010 1:11pm CST
Do you suffer sleep deprivation? Other than fatigue, what kind of symptoms do you get? The past week I've sleep 4-5 hours a night and though I'm not tired my eye feels like it is bruised. This is quite common in me when I lack sleep. If I go more than a few weeks I actually lucid dream or hallucinate (Bug on the wall is the most common).
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• United States
22 Jul 10
Yes I do, I have a very tough time sleeping since it takes me hours just to fall asleep. During the summer time its a lot worse since I can not sleep when its hot out like now I have a tough time sleeping. I only get about 4-5 hours a sleep a day which I should be getting a few more hours of sleep. Which I need to work on doing.
• Brazil
22 Jul 10
Other than feeling tired, do you suffer anything? Hallucinations? Are you more hungry? Less hungry? When you DO have time to sleep do you find it harder to get to sleep? To stay down? I can go manic (like really hyper and NOT tired at all) and eat like crazy to go with my hallucinations. It is really weird. At least for me the hyperness is a good thing as it is what got me through the Crucible in Parris Island.
@megamatt (14330)
• United States
23 Jul 10
When I do not get a lot of the sleep, it takes forever for me to even do the most simple things. I ample around everywhere, I know what has to be done but I have to really coax myself to be able to do it. I have not gotten to the point where I have not had any hallucinations, but I did come close one time, during the week where I barely got any asleep, because I had to do a team project for school and pretty much everyone on the team had dropped out of the class, so it was me and one other person doing the work. I do think that when its hot, it is harder to sleep. Therefore a few hours at night at best. Of course, there are times where I think that I am sleeping, and am not really sleeping. This does lead to me walking around the house in a random manner in the morning and not really paying much attention to where I am going. Because my brain is scrambled from the lack of sleep.