July 22, 2010 6:55pm CST
i have this dreams for the past months already and i kept on dreaming of it. I dreamed that my husband left me for another woman, though, i caught my husband's philandering, but, that was before. i used to dreamed of it also, but, i know that he has repented of his sins. yet, i was wondering that why i still kept on dreaming of these things? is my husband still has a paramour? is dreaming true?
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28 Jul 10
Well, they say your dreams are your greatest fear. Maybe you have to let go of the past and start dwelling in the present. If things go wrong again, then let it be as long as you know in your heart that you've done your part as a great wife and more so the best mom to your child/ren. God has better plans for our lives, He designs our future. Just pray that your family will be sheltered from despairing troubles and may live a happy and satisfied life. Be praying for you:)
• Philippines
24 Jul 10
Maybe unconciously your doubting your husband, but whatever is it, just trust God to really restore your relationship with your husband...Just continue being a good wife to him and bring out the best in him. I know its easy for me to say because I'm not on your shoe but I know you want your relationship with your husband to be great and nothing even dream cannot disturb you...but if we want something the changes will start on us...you can do it girl, just trust God and when you put your faith in him don't look on the physical just trust him...and when you do ask God for your relationship and that dream just believe...when we expect God to move, God will really move just stay put with your faith. God bless.
@iceamber (68)
• United States
23 Jul 10
Dreams CAN be true...they can give signs of what's to come in the near future, or it could be a sign that you may be psyhcic, but that is VERY rare to be. Usually, a dream is your inner self telling you,"beware...this is going to happen because all the signs of it happening are present". I am just stating my opinion, but you may want to talk to your husband about it. I ALWAYS find dreaming to be so extraordinary!! :)
@labea17 (443)
• Philippines
23 Jul 10
Well, they say that dreams are like manifestations of what we are thinking or feeling. Maybe you have instincts that are taking shape in the form of your dreams. I've been dreaming for the past few weeks that I have a boyfriend but in reality I don't. Maybe I was always thinking, even when I sleep that I want to have a boyfriend or something.