ho to avoid depression? is it an illness?

July 22, 2010 11:11pm CST
This is the common problem now, most specially women,mothers.i don't even understand what are the symptoms of a depress person, if i am depress or not. i hope you can help me .is a stress person can be also same as depress or not?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
5 Oct 10
And best remedy is Meditation, try breathing exercise, it will help you balance and handle stress.
@pogi253 (1587)
• Philippines
22 Aug 10
Depression could be the most frustrating event that can happen to anyone, but sometimes depression cannot be avoided. Depression makes one lost friends or family. One who is depressed doesn't want to go with people, but the more you want to be alone, the worse your situation would become. I know a person who is depressed but keeps going to work and does her work well. One woman that I know even became very successful even if she is suffering from depression. She does not like to go with other people and she wants to be alone. But when she found out that nothing will happen to her life, she finally thought of something to busy herself so as not to bury herself in sticky situation that will eat her up alive. Depression could only destroy you when you let it reign your life but if you keep yourself busy, you have no time to be depressed.
15 Aug 10
stress person can be depress but it is not the same to each other because being depress is having a chemical imbalance to a person's brain causing him to have feeling of being blue.stress is a coping mechanism that make your body cope up this to make you feel better.but stress can lead to depression if you can find any comfort zone to relieve stress. just try to relax once in a while and take a deep breath to feel you better.
15 Aug 10
well there many symptoms of being depress. as long as you fee that their is something wrong more than your health condition you can seek a professional's advice for that.
@youless (94301)
• Guangzhou, China
23 Jul 10
Yes, the depression is a kind of mental problem. It is better to solve because it can lead to many bad effects. I have heard that doing more sports will make you relax and less depressed. Besides, some foods like banana and chocolate will make your mood better. I love China
• Philippines
23 Jul 10
There are a lot of possible cause of depression like family condition, work, finance, relationships etc. The degree of depression now varies on the impact that these factors have on you. If you tend to face all this problems alone, then it is possible for you to have a depression. Support from family and friends is the best way to get out of a depression. Knowing that they are always there for you to help and guide you makes it easier to cope with problems and see things in a more positive light.